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Aerial straps combine flexibility, power and technique. These are two separable straps made of cotton and polyamide that fall vertically. A seemingly simple discipline which nevertheless gives an infinite possibility of expression, on which it is possible to turn, swivel, swing, dance, play, with hands, feet, body, neck…

Quentin uses aerial straps and the physical constraints they impose on his body to express his feelings, his emotions, in a definitely infinite space: in weightlessness.


An aerial straps act which was created during the second confinement in December 2020. A need to satisfy this need for creation, to create a parenthesis, in this period when the lives of artists are on hold.

Would you like to receive the complete video of this aerial act? as well as the technical data sheet?

It is possible to adapt, modify, change this straps act. Quentin makes himself available to a choreographer and/or a special request to meet your needs.

Technical data sheet on hanging point | Aerial Straps act

Floor space: 3m diameter
Minimum height: 6 meters
Duration of number:5min
Hanging point: CMU 250KG

Data sheet with standalone tripod | Aerial straps act

Minimum floor space: 5m X 6m for assembly
Minimum height: 5m50
duration of number: 5 min.

Why Aerial Straps ?

The aerial straps imposed themselves on Quentin. Trained as a gymnast, with skills in balance and strength apparatus, he was attracted to this aerial specialty which requires almost similar physical abilities. However, it was the freedom of expression offered by this circus discipline that led him to make it his specialty.


Aerial straps pictures taken by Juliette JEM

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