100 years of Pierre Bergam

May 31, 2021Aerial Straps

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100 years of Pierre BergamPierre BERGAM is a reference in the traditional circus, a pioneer in the air (trapeze, hoop, straps).

With a group of amateur and professional artists, I had the chance to perform in front of him to celebrate his 100th birthday in the tent of the Italo Medini circus school, where he continues to give some lessons to his trapeze students.

It was an opportunity for me to perform my aerial straps act for the first time in front of a small crowd of people, connoisseurs, old and new circus artists and show-goers. An important moment, after a year of work on this issue. Perceive the key moments in the face of the public’s reaction, understand what works and what doesn’t work… A kind of life-size test, to continue to improve, to refine, again and again…!

On the whole, I have had positive, constructive and benevolent feedback. Enough to give me enough energy to continue this quest with Kafkaesque attractions.


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« Je n’ai plus besoin des raconteries du futur - Maintenant, les présents me suffisent. »