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Feb 4, 2021Aerial Straps

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After gymnastics, a discipline to which I devoted 20 years of my life, I tried to lead a “normal”, conventional and stable life. After 4 years of inactivity, my body and head called me to order! I could no longer continue to live this way, without touching the Essential. The vague impression of being supernumerary. I have always felt deep inside me the need to express things…

Some friends offered me to audition for the creation of a new show at DisneyLand Paris, “The Lion King and the Rhythms of the Earth“. I was selected after an audition, in particular thanks to my gymnastics fundamentals. Following this news, I resigned from my work for which I felt nothing, and embarked on this adventure, towards the unknown, with infinite variables.

I was very apprehensive, because I had never danced, nor counted the music and even less touched the circus apparatus: aerial straps, bungees, articulated and pendulum masts.

I was fortunate to be surrounded by a very experienced cast, which brought me a lot. It was a fantastic experience! Especially since on this contract I touched the aerial straps, and I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do.

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Following this contract, I was tired, exhausted, but now I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

After that, it’s in Canada, and on my straps.


Sangles Aériennes - Quentin SIGNORI | ©Sébastien Gayet

The call of the body and the need to express myself artistically was stronger than the need for a stable and conventional life.