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Feb 12, 2022Aerial Straps

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This aerial duo sky and earth (aerial art and dance art) was born for a day of awareness of disabilities. An original idea by Aurore Stauder, who thought of this staging as a call for social inclusion.

It was an opportunity for me to make a beautiful artistic and human encounter.

“At first sight” nothing distinguishes these 2 young men. Artists, passionate, in harmony with their bodies, they inspire a choreographic creation that unites the art of dance and aerial art.

From this duo emanates a sensitive, fluid and free gesture. Their technique seems easy: mastery, precision, a perfect complicity. Everything seems simple and effortless. However, one of the two has congenital glaucoma which has caused blindness in his right eye and vision problems in his left eye.

The choreography is based on the evidence that an atrophied sense increases tenfold the capacities of the other senses: an interpretation based on hearing and listening, touch and contact, but also on older senses such as balance. and proprioception.


“At first sight” is a duet on listening to others and caring.

An excerpt from this aerial straps and dance duo in the video below.


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