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Dec 18, 2021Aerial Straps

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This year,for the Christmas aerial show, Vélizy 2 offered its customers an aerial magic close to the restaurants of the center, in a cabaret spirit.

We were 3 circus artists to embody the toys of yesteryear: playful and enchanting wonder. We were accompanied by two magnificent and elegant dancers, for a poetic, contemporary and luminous performance.

For my part, I played the puppet on my straps. A missed date with my lover. She is not there. Saddened that she discovered my secret: a magic cap that makes me look like a little boy. So I decide to free myself from my ropes, represented by the aerial straps, to no longer be a puppet and thus find my beloved.

An original creation and artistic direction by Aurore Stauder, costume: Jef Castaing.


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