Aerial straps at the Opéra Bastille with the Electric Circus

Dec 14, 2022Aerial Straps

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There are phone calls that we prefer to forget, others on the other hand that we will never forget, because magic: “Quentin, are you available the day after tomorrow to play an aerial straps act at the ‘Opera Bastille? “.

That’s how I found myself two days later with the brilliant team of Cirque Electrique to play the show FANFARE on the majestic backdrop of Lac des Cygnes, in the prestigious Opéra Bastille.

It was as part of a Christmas show for all the employees of the Opéra Bastille that the Cirque Electrique was called upon. To meet demand, a delirious circus program made up of a fanfaronic orchestra, joyful and seriously funny clowning, acrobatics on the ground and in the air, juggling and hula hoop, glitter, confetti and fire (!), bombecs and popcorn on demand! Just that to ignite the public of the Opera who was there to fly with us on a fantastic track to the stars.

Arrived the same morning, we only had a couple of hours to install our equipment, test it, shed light, dispatch technical tasks, etc.
Barely time to settle everything, that in the wake of the immense curtain of the Opera rose, and we launched the show, in a sparkling energy.

For my part, again and again on my aerial straps, to cross this gigantic stage in the air, accompanied by powerful and vibrant live music.

It was a unique moment, unexpected, improbable… How I like them!


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