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Feb 4, 2021Aerial Straps

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Four days of creation to articulate, develop, refine, but also tempt, miss, start again. A meticulous and arduous work whose final product will be the realization of an above-ground number with aerial straps. An artistic creation with the choreographer Laurence Auerswald who accompanies me and pushes me to bring out from my interior what is most just. Use aerial straps and body gestures to make a chosen intention speak. Be in tune with oneself to deliver a message that can be heard by all.

All this is accompanied by in-depth work on the creative process: giving meaning to my gestures. Why turn? In which direction? Why to swing ? My head, my arm, why are you going up, twisting me? The why of aerial straps, the why of creation. Find original series, unknown combinations, play with space. An abysmal work…

Thanks also to La Cascade, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque for their welcome and trust, and to Sébastien Gayet for the photos!


Sangles Aériennes - Quentin SIGNORI | ©Sébastien Gayet

The call of the body and the need to express myself artistically was stronger than the need for a stable and conventional life.