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Feb 4, 2021Aerial Straps

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With friends circus artists we were welcomed by Armance BROWN and Bruno KRIEF, co-creators of the company “Art des Airs“. to exchange on our aerial straps practices. A very pleasant workshop that ended with a show on the public square of old Le Mans, on an exceptional structure made of giant bamboos!

A quasi-improvised scene between a lull in the rain and Covid, where we played on the uniqueness of this square, to improvise ourselves circus jewelry thieves. A staging realized by Armance BROWN, who knew how to guide us with his soft and assured hand despite the little preparation. A poetic cabaret, mixing different circus specialties: aerial silk, dance, “cube”, straps, balance, against a backdrop of aerial music and celestial lights.

A beautiful moment of sharing, and an audience present despite the rain, despite the Covid…, whose desire and need to consume the show was stronger than anything else.

For my part, I did a little improvised number with aerial straps on Janis Joplin’s music “Summer Time”. Here is an excerpt in the video below.


Sangles Aériennes - Quentin SIGNORI | ©Sébastien Gayet

The call of the body and the need to express myself artistically was stronger than the need for a stable and conventional life.