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Feb 4, 2021Aerial Straps

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I started the aerial straps in May 2019 during a contract at Disneyland Paris “The Lion King and the Rhythms of the Earth”. It was just a little number, but it awakened in me the need to train more.

Aerial straps have become an obsession, a way to feel my body differently and an opportunity to express things in depth. My aerial artist friend Célia Milesi advised me to go to Canada to train with a coach specialized in this field, Victor FOMINE. So I went to Montreal for 2 months to train only in straps. I was coming out of a contract that had been grueling on my body, and I felt that I shouldn’t be reckless with it! So I had to train intelligently by repeating my sessions in my head, working on details of corrections that I took care to note down after each workout. A lot of visualization work and video observation as well, because I filmed all the strapping sessions.

I progressed very quickly the first month, then I reached a plateau that I was struggling to surpass. I had to wait until the last week of training to finally cross it, increasing the workload by one more training session per week (four one-hour sessions) and increasing my will to succeed. One hour of aerial straps with Victor is equivalent to a 3 hour workout alone, in terms of commitment!…

In the end, my first intuition that my body was fragile turned out to be right, because during my last training I had a tear in my oblique. It was an injury that was worth it because I was able to achieve all the goals I set.

I leave this “strap-trip” tired, wounded but strangely satisfied and soothed. With dreams of creation in my head…

This video recounts these two months of training.


Sangles Aériennes - Quentin SIGNORI | ©Sébastien Gayet

The call of the body and the need to express myself artistically was stronger than the need for a stable and conventional life.