Circus Days and Nights Festival at CIAM

Aug 28, 2021Aerial Straps

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A cabaret under a marquee without canvas, with a simple view of a field of stars!

The CIAM (Center International Arts and Mouvement), organizes every summer the Festival Days and Night of Circuses. This year, I had the chance to participate. 3 cabaret evenings where the mixture of genres was a work of art. Clown, aerialist (hoops, swinging rope, aerial straps), ground acrobat, musician, juggler, tightrope walker. A complete show, for a conquered public!

Starting from simple individual numbers, and managing to make a coherent and touching show, is the specialty of the Bogino family. Under the supervision of Davis, accompanied by the wonderful volunteers of CIAM.

Below is an excerpt from my time at CIAM, on my straps.


Sangles Aériennes - 2023 - Festival du Cirque de Demain - @ Marie-Thérèse Cardoso

« Je n’ai plus besoin des raconteries du futur - Maintenant, les présents me suffisent. »