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Nov 12, 2021Aerial Straps

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Bordeaux Circus Schooland the Cie Bivouac invited me to participate in “La Nuit du Cirque“. An international event that takes place every year. The idea was simple (and immersive!): organize a big party under the marquee of the circus school by integrating the public into the show. A kind of great general rehearsal that turns into a fiasco, and where the public, at the same time as preparing the soup, must venture into the perils of Circassian life. A series of adventures that leads the viewer to be both subject but also contemplator of the show that happens under and sometimes above his eyes.

For my part, I was above, on my aerial straps, to change…

A great moment of sharing with professional circus artists and students from the Bordeaux circus school.

Excerpt of aerial straps act below.


Sangles Aériennes - 2023 - Festival du Cirque de Demain - @ Marie-Thérèse Cardoso

« Je n’ai plus besoin des raconteries du futur - Maintenant, les présents me suffisent. »