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Oct 21, 2021Aerial Straps

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At the Comédie de Genève: a heart of children and men, a violinist, a pianist, a soprano, a tenor, two magnificent dancers, three acrobats, and Mélanie Laurent and her team to lead this beautiful troupe towards the realization of an opera based on the story “Les tears d’Eugénie”.

An opera lasting 30 minutes. Barely time to realize that it was not a dream…

A quasi-cinematic scenography, where every detail of staging is important. For a result as close as possible to the ecological and poetic commitment of history.

On my aerial straps, I played the danger, the flying and threatening shadow. Metaphor of the crazy bird who has no choice but to attack and kill in order to survive. Quit breaking your heart…


A poetic and fabulous ecological tale for young and old.

Igor is a tender and dreamy fisherman who does not fish anything.
Eugenie is a melancholy mermaid whose tears turn into diamonds.
One night, while Igor is on his boat, a storm breaks and throws him into the freezing water.
Eugenie saves him and deposits him on the shore.
Igor understands that he had always been waiting for Eugenie.
Eugenie guesses that she had been hoping for Igor since the dawn of time.
But Igor cannot live under the sea, Eugenie cannot breathe outside the water.
So they make a promise to meet again one day…



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