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Where he comes from, where he goes, through what he does, this is where Quentin tells his little life as a circus artist.

It summarizes suspended moments of life with a few words, images and videos.

Shows, creations, trainings, exchanges, courses, everything goes there. He tries to be exhaustive and prolific, while remaining precise and airy, like the work he tries to do in his discipline: aerial straps.

Aerial Duo Show – Straps and Dance

This aerial duo sky and earth (aerial art and dance art) was born for a day of awareness of disabilities. An original idea by Aurore Stauder, who thought of this staging as a call for social inclusion. It was an opportunity for me to make a beautiful...


Sangles Aériennes - Quentin SIGNORI | ©Sébastien Gayet

« Je n’ai plus besoin des raconteries du futur – Maintenant, les présents me suffisent. »